Broker Finance Program

Expert financing for communities nationwide

Expand brokered transactions

Broker more transactions by offering financing to state and local governments, tribal entities, and non-profit organizations.

Private label program benefits

Baystone’s private label program allows brokers and their clients to leverage our industry expertise and finance equipment and real property for communities across America.

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Tap into our:

Each private label program is customized to meet your needs.

Offer Tax-Exempt Municipal Leasing and Other Financing

By partnering with Baystone, you can offer tax-exempt municipal leases to qualified organizations ─ at rates averaging 30% lower than traditional commercial rates.

As experts in public financing, we can assist in finding the right financing structure for your customer’s needs. We underwrite the credit, prepare the documents, and service each transaction until maturity. All of which can be done under your private label.

It’s simple!

All Equipment and Capital Projects Considered

Equipment – New and Used

Real Property

Bond Financing

Government and non-profit entities use bond financing as a cost-effective way to raise capital for things such as equipment, buildings and land. Baystone serves the public sector and non-profit clients by investing in and working with municipal advisors, special districts and bond counsel on various forms of tax-exempt and taxable bond offerings.

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