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Water running out of a tap.

Kansas District Upgrades Water Lines Now for Future Growth

Keeping the water flowing is the goal of an ambitious project planned this year by the Jefferson County Rural Water District #12, and that’s good ...
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Student watching video on a computer.

School Safety Concerns Increase Technology Financing for Remote Learning

Written by: Brad Buhrow How has the pandemic affected equipment acquisitions by school systems across the U.S.? Here at Baystone Government Finance, we’ve seen an ...
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EMT team wheels someone in an ambulance.

Tax-Exempt Equipment Leases Helping States, Localities with Budget Shortfalls

State and local governments are facing widescale reductions in tax revenue from the economic and social effects of Covid‐19, while at the same time bearing ...
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Computer chip, building under construction, school buses, medical student and police car.

Together We Will Keep Our Communities Running

Written by Brad Buhrow Whether you are with a state or local government, or a business serving their financial needs, these are difficult times. Municipalities ...
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