Jojo Mahaffey Bellinder profile.

Jojo Williams

Jojo took on a new role within the Originations department in June 2022 where she works closely with clients and focuses on the growth of Baystone Government Finance by providing exemplary and perceptive service from the sales side.

Jojo first began her career with Baystone in 2016 with the Government Finance Operations division as a Processing Associate, and she quickly moved up in the company. Her focus on customer service and vast knowledge of the pre-funding side of municipal leasing landed her in a leadership role within the operational side of the organization. Jojo has been involved in nearly all aspects of the pre-funding process and has worked closely with the bank’s legal team to negotiate and advocate for our clients.

Outside of work, Jojo enjoys spending time with her two daughters, family and friends, traveling and being outdoors. She is a Kansas native, raised in the Manhattan area, and currently residing in Madison, KS.

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